Mental Clarity Organic Tea

Mental Clarity Organic Tea

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This tea blend was originally made on commission for a client who wanted an herbal tea for working and studying, without the jitters, stimulation, or crash of coffee or strong black teas.  We selected a few well-known botanicals that have been traditionally used to help mental performance, memory, and clarity of mind.  Gotu Kola and Mucuna have been researched for boosting brain performance;  Gingko is well-known for it's memory enhancing effects.  Brahmi is traditionally used in Ayurveda for cognitive ability as well as a slew of other benefits. We've included Guayusa, the holly tea from the South America, as well as some of our favorite adaptogenic herbs for overall organ system performance and culinary spices and flavorings for taste. 

Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. quantities. 

Note: Guayusa contains small amounts of caffeine.  Let us know if you prefer us to leave it out!


All Organic Ingredients:

Gotu Kola

Ginkgo Leaf



Lemon Balm


Hawthorn Leaf and Flower







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