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Artemesia’s Arcana Organic Psychic Tea

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This tea was formulated specifically for our friend Lost Star Tarot.   We've combined our favorite herbs to help connect your higher self to the collective unconscious and spirit realm - for divination, meditation, astral travel, or intuitive work.  This blend was specifically made for tarot reading and trance work but can be applied to any work in which intuition, trance state, and concentration are key.  We've selected plant spirits who are astrologically ruled over by the Moon and Mercury.  Moon energy is handy for divination, shadow work, and working with the unconscious or dreams. Mercury is the ruler of magick and magickal power, and helpful for traveling through astral realms.  


Organic Mugwort

Organic Blue Lotus

Organic Cardamom

Organic Ginkgo

Organic Gotu Kola

Wildcrafted Cedar Tips

Organic Juniper Berries

Organic Star Anise 

Organic Calendula

Organic Elderflower

Organic Licorice Root

Organic Ginger

Organic Bay Leaf

Organic Vanilla

Organic Cinnamon



All ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms or distributors.


Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 Oz. packaging.


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