Restorative Mind - Nootropic Nervine Tea

Restorative Mind - Nootropic Nervine Tea

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As we become more connected to an "always-on" society, our lifestyles put more stress on our nervous and endocrine systems.  We spend more time staring at LEDs and less time moving.  Our methodology of survival isn't as physical as it used to be, but much more sedentary.  Our muscles, fascia, and nerves spend more time in repetitive states.  Our diets have become incredibly homogenized since the creation of the supermarket and our food is generally less diverse, less nutritious, and more processed.  We also want to do more with less time.  We increasingly find ourselves in states of yin or yang depletion.  This can manifest as feelings of constant exhaustion (even if sleeping well enough), irritability, digestive issues, morning headaches, anxiety or depression.  Or in a more milder sense, depletion can manifest just as a feeling of being sub-optimal. 


One of the best way to combat depletion is to support the liver, kidney, and nervous systems through herbal tisanes.  We've developed a tea that may improve the function of these organ systems, help process accumulated toxins, and reduce tension in all forms in the body.  Restorative Mind Tea is a blend of Nervine Tonics, Neurotrophorestoratives, Adaptogens and Nootropics that tonify the liver, kidney, and nervous system and help reduce stressors.  It also includes some of our favorite and most delicious botanicals that have a long history of use in tea! This tea is a perfect daily tonic for people who look at screens all day, work in offices, have stressful, busy, lives, and/or are feeling the symptoms of depletion. 


Contains the following Organic Ingredients:



Milky Oats

Gotu Kola



Lemon Balm



Mucuna Seed


Lions Mane


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