About Us

Tea Gnomes, Hien and Vince


Hien Tran and Vincent Frascello are the Tea Gnomes behind Jade Heart Tea Co.  There are many ways to enjoy tea: traditionally, as a meditation, whimsically, on the go... and we appreciate the beauty and value in each and every way.  After spending many years serving and blending tea for our friends and family, we decided to share our love for tea and botanical plant spirits with the greater community.  Hien has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Yoga: she uses her knowledge of Qi meridians, organ systems, energetics and herbs to blend the very best tea for the situation at hand.  Vincent is an alchemist and herbal medicine practitioner, and loves to use tea as a spiritual and healing modality.  We live in Bernal Heights, and frequent The Center SF as our home-base teahouse.  Come hang out with us and share some tea!