Philosophy & Sourcing

Jade Heart Tea is an extension of our personal values.  We're very conscious of creating quality in our lives with a minimal footprint and including others as much as we can.  In Jade Heart Tea Co, we place our stock in the quality of our products, our impact on the environment, and providing agency and access to tea.


We don't make any compromises on the quality of our tea.  All of our ingredients are organic, ethically wildcrafted, and purchased from trusted farms and distributors (if we don't harvest the plants ourselves).  We are constantly researching where we can find even better quality herbs and teas.  If you ever have a question about our tea or the ingredients within, please contact us.  If you have any fresh or dried herbs for sale, please contact us!


We firmly believe that it's time to drawdown our impact on this planet and start making some real changes in our lifestyle.  Vince spent a half-decade working as an engineer for big corporations and learned how easy it is for good, hardworking people to get sucked into corporate irresponsibility and negligence.  We don't ever want to be causing a problem on the planet in exchange for a buck.  That's why we plan to do business differently.  We are looking at ways we can package our teas in 100% upcycled packaging; We will use natural-dyes and inks on our labels; and we will store our money with banks that do not invest in fossil fuels.  We donate 3% of our proceeds to United Plant Savers and other organizations.  Generally, we do not include at-risk plants in our blends, unless we can guarantee the plants were harvested appropriately.  Our long term goal is to grow our own herbs and tea on a biodynamic permaculture farm. 

Do you have any ideas on how we can regenerate this planet?  Please let us know and we will see if we can incorporate them into our life!


Agency, Access, and Equality.

We believe that tea is universal and should be available for everyone.  We believe in the healing power of tea and want everyone to be able to access it.  If you are interested in our tea but cannot afford it or have any challenge obtaining it (such as allergy, address instability, etc) please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help you.  We are minority and refugee owned business and understand the beauty in what is possible if you simply give a little extra help to people in need. 



Our current ingredients are sourced from:

Mountain Rose Herbs (Eugene, OR)

Foster Farm Botanicals (Calais, VT)

Starwest Botanicals (Sacramento, CA)

Nature-spirit Herbs (Williams, OR)

Alamany Farm (San Francisco, CA)

and our four hands and four feet, when we're wildcrafting.


Our teaware is sourced directly from China.