Spring 2022 Tea Sale

While we have disabled the online-checkout portion of our website, these teas are NEW and for sale!  Please contact us for specific orders: 


  • Imperial Grade Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring)- Green Tea
Low caffeine green tea. Perfect for Spring time as green tea supports the function of the Liver and Gall Bladder systems which are the organs systems that need extra support during Spring time.
Tender shoots of tea buds are plucked during the first flush of spring  and  then expertly processed by hand into these tightly rolled pure bud "pearls" of fresh tea.Our Imperial Grade Bi Luo Chun was grown in the town of Mojiang in Simao.  The tea varietal used is a hybrid of Assamica called Yunkang #100.


The taste of the tea is sweet, thick and vibrant.  There is some slight astringency that counters the sweetness, lending it depth and complexity.

We recommend brewing with 90C water.  One flash rinse (about 10 seconds), then brew for 15-20 seconds and enjoy!  With each successive infusion add 15 seconds.

Spring Harvest is Mid-February to Early-March

  • Jinggu "Wild Tree Purple Moonlight White" Tea Cake
 Nourishing to the Water Element and the Bladder and Kidney organ systems. One of my favorite white teas
    This is a unique tea to be sure.  It's pressed into a lovely waffle shaped cake and made from Wild Tree Purple varietal tea (ye sheng cha) growing in Jinggu county.  The tea grows wild and is only harvested in March.  The tea was processed using the same technique used for Yue Guang Bai, the tea wilts briefly before being put into a long wind tunnel tube, where the action of air movement gradually halts the oxidation of the tea.

     The taste is something unique too.  There is alot of complexity, with notes of fruit, flower, sugarcane, and a kind of bitterness that fades quickly.  With even a few months of age the bitterness will transform into fruit sweetness with a long lasting after-taste.  The tea soup is yellow, and is thick and soupy.

    April 2019 Harvest Hong Ni Tang Village mountainous area in Jing Gu County of Simao

      • 2021 Yunnan Sourcing "Journey" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

         (Black Fermented Tea - a type of Hei Cha)- Nourishes the Earth Element and the Stomach and Spleen organ systems. Strengthens the digestive system, vital Qi (life energy) , very grounding and calming. (We tried this tea in the Gong Fu Cha ceremony part of the workshop)
      This is a blend of 7 different ripe pu-erh teas from 2019-2020 wet pile batches!  Full-bodied, sweet and fruity, hardwood and mushroom, with tons of complexity!  This will change and improve with just a few years of aging, but is a solid ripe that can be enjoyed now as well!

        • Classic Robust Jin Jun Mei  (Golden Eye Brow) Black Tea of Fujian

           Red Tea aka Black Tea- Nourishes the Fire Element- and the Heart and Small Intestine organ systems. Uplifts the Shen (Spirit) which resides in  the Heart.

        This is a classic styled Jin Jun Mei that was processed to remove the fine hairs (脱毛) giving it a more robust dark chocolate character.  Although, the tea overall is quite robust you can change the brewing parameters to bring out more chocolate character, or brew with cooler water and get a bit more sweetness with dried fruit character.  This is a robust straight-forward tea to enjoy as an everyday drinking Jin Jun Mei.  

        April Harvest

        Wu Yi Shan area of Fujian

          Various Herbal Tea (non-caffeinated)

          • Classic "Gan Zao Ye" Wild Jujube Tea from Laoshan Village

            Gan Zao Ye (甘枣叶) or Wild Jujube Tea is a herbal tea made from wild jujube plants picked in the spring of this year in Laoshan Village area of Shandong.  .  Wild Jujube grows at an altitude of 600-1000 meters and is picked in the month of April and May

            The taste is soupy and very thick, it has notes of barley, jiaogulan-like sweetness, and long-lasting rich umami taste.  The aroma is fruity and very sweet, filling the room with a baked fruitcake and cooked potato chip type aroma.

            Strainer Brewing - 85C Spring Water - Put 6 grams in a strainer atop a glass cha hai (公道杯) and slowly pour the water over the tea letting it drain into the cha hai.  Keep adding water slowly until the tea loses it's flavor.

            Gong Fu Brewing - 85C Spring Water - Put 5 grams per 100ml gaiwan or glass teapot and brew with a 10 second infusion for the first steeping, then add 10 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

             L-theanine rich non-caffeinated, helps with anxiety, stress, sleep, mood. Great for before meditation and sleep.
          • Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum Flower Tea (Snow Daisy) - Xue Ju Hua Cha

          A 'heavenly' rare flower tea that is grown only in the Kunlun mountains, where low temperatures allow the flowers to grow slowly and acquire more flavor. This results in a dark red brew with a delicious taste of caramel and dark honey. Snow Chrysanthemum flower tea contains high amounts of amino acids and proteins, which are beneficial to your health by lowering blood sugar, reducing high cholesterol, and preventing heart diseases.

          This flower, also known as 'Snow Daisy', is produced in the alpine region of the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang. This flower tea mainly grows at high altitudes on the cliffs and only blooms once a year in August. Snow chrysanthemum tea is rare because it only has a very short blooming season and a very small yield. It's the only wild Chrysanthemum in the world that grows at high altitudes. This makes this tea really hard to pick, because farmers have to go up the mountains during the harvest season. Thus, it's pricey but definitely worth all the health benefits that you can enjoy while sipping a cup of this flower.

          Brewing Guide: To prepare the tea, 5 chrysanthemum buds are steeped in hot water (usually 90 to 95 degrees Celsius after cooling from a boil) in either a teapot, or a cup. Often rock sugar is added, and occasionally also wolfberries. Add a little more honey will increase the flavour of the tea, it can also be mixed with other tea such as puer. 5 flowers with 200ml water should make up to 5 infusions.

          • Blossoming Yin Tea
           Butterfly Pea Flower, Calendula. Chrysanthemum, Elderberry, Elderflower, Mulberries, Rose, Blackberry Leaves,
           A cooling, calming, healing and moistening blend (and delicious too!) ideal for  calming inflammation,  supportive to the immune system and nervous system, antioxidant rich to support healing. 


          • Happy Life Tea
          Burdock, Chrysanthemum, Dandelion Root, Nettles, Tulsi, Rose, Peppermint.-
           Perfect for the Spring time and for Liver and GallBladder support and detoxification, calming the nervous system and supporting the digestive system and mood.The inspiration to create this Happy Life Tea blend was to help people feel more aligned and harmonious with the cycles of nature and the season of Spring, but we've found it to be useful during all the seasons! 

          According to Traditional Chinese / East Asian Medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood element and the Liver and Gall Bladder systems. These organ systems are more activated and more prone to imbalances during this season and therefore need to be supported and nourished for optimum wellness and health. 

          The Wood element relates to growth, new life, expansion, envisioning, creativity, imagination, Yang energy and the planet Jupiter. The solar plexus chakra is also related to the Liver and Gall Bladder systems.
          In this time of new beginnings and  growth, we may feel more hope, inspiration and energy when we are aligning with our path and dreams but we may also feel more anger, frustration and stress ( the emotions related to stagnant Liver and Gall Bladder Qi) if desires and dreams are being blocked or delayed. 

          This organic blend of medicinal herbs help to assist with promoting the harmonious flow of Liver and Gall Bladder Qi,  supporting the Liver with detoxification and metabolism, calming the nervous system, calming the mind, supporting the digestion, lowering blood pressure, improving eye conditions, decreasing inflammation, balancing hormones, supporting the immune system and helping the mind and body to self-regulate and heal with it’s antioxidant and mineral rich content.

          Taste; tea opens up with a round full earth mouthfeel with hints of kukicha, wood, quickly following, the bright notes of mint and tulsi dominate and finally, the light floral aroma of rose and chrysanthemum finishes the palate.

          All ingredients are sourced for certified organic farms or distributors.

           Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 Oz. packaging.


          • Unwind Tea
          Skullcap, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Milky Oat Seed, Nettles and Rose-
          Great for nourishing and calming the nervous system.

          Too often do we go through life at full speed, stimulated into the task-oriented, always-on society and cutting out the times for rest, nourishment, and replenishment.  We made a tea for ourselves to help us slow down, rest, and rejuvenate our bodies, Unwind Organic Tea contains a triune of Nettle, Milky Oat Seed, and Tulsi - a strong foundation of nervine and adaptogenic botanicals.  These are supported with neurotrophorestoratives Skullcap and Passionflower and harmonized with Rose.  This is a beautiful and delicious blend that can loosen up the tightness in our minds, bodies, and spirit.  We recommend this tea for anyone who is stressed, exhausted, overworked, or unable to sleep.