Activated Flower Nectars
Activated Flower Nectars

Activated Flower Nectars

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We've created a line of activated flower nectar extracts based on the doctrine of signatures, TCM, and western herbalism to provide energetic shifts and alignments in the spirit!  These flower nectar extracts are created by finding the most pure, fresh and lively flowers in bloom, carefully and respectfully harvesting a few (we never take them all!), and extracting the nectar using 100% pure, organic, non-gmo and sustainable non-palm vegetable glycerin.  The Glycerin is sweet and neutral, allowing for the aroma and floral notes to not be overshadowed by any other carrier.  It is also low-glycemic and has very little active sugar and preserves the nectar for a period of 1-2 years on the shelf. 

We've crafted one nectar for each chakra point using all the intuitive messages from within as well as the knowledge and wisdom from many different modalities.  We've included handmade flower essences when applicable.


These flower nectars can be used in many ways:  A few drops of these delicious, thick nectars on the tongue can adjust your vibration according to the properties of the flower; a few droppers on food, in baking recipes, or in beverages can activate your food or drink in the same way! Carry them in your bag from when they are needed throughout your day to day.  Or leave them at home for use in meditation or plant journeys. 


A description of each nectar's properties are below:


Champaca (Crown Chakra) - An Ancient relative of the Magnolia. For Channeling Divine Wisdom, Clearing Mental Blockages, and connecting to the universal consciousness.

Lotus (Third Eye Chakra) - The Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile.  For enhancing intuition, activating the third eye, Psychic concentration, aphrodisia, and dreamwork.

Lavender (Third Eye Chakra) - A powerful protective and shielding ally.  For clairvoyance, opening the doors of perception, calming the mind and harmonizing the mind body connection. 

Honeysuckle (Throat Chakra) - The sweetest of nectars! For empowering communication from a place of love and supporting the health of the respiratory system.

Rose (Heart Chakra) - The quintessential love herb! For boosting self-love and compassion, mending the heart from grief, and calming heart-centered anxiety.

Chamomile (Solar Plexus Chakra) - Chamomile is a wonderful ally for stepping into personal power, building self-confidence, tonifying the liver and aiding in digestion.

Wisteria (Sacral Chakra) - Traditionally used to release trauma and tension in the sacrum.  For attuning the senses, living in the present, Embodying Sensuality and Sexuality, inviting enjoyment into your life.



One of our clients purchased our Champaca nectar at The San Francisco Psychic Fair and we got this beautiful message from her a few weeks later:

"I feel amazing. I feel like I have so much energy and confidence. I cut hair so sometimes at the end of the day I’m so drained from absorbing everyone’s energy and the next day I’m grumpy irritable and can barely look people in the eye. But when I take this I just don’t over-think anything. I get up and go and I’m super productive. It’s so great." - Jen, Palo Alto


Please contact us if you have any questions about these nectars! 


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